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Moe Taillefer


Canada Day in Ottawa

For their last stop of the road trip, Hélène and Mario headed to Ottawa, ON right in time to celebrate Canada Day with the Postech Ottawa team.

There, Cedric Meloche, Business Development Director, brought them to the site of a house that was struggling with foundation sinking issues and for which 29 Postech piles and extensions were installed to straighten it out. A very good job done in less than two and a half days.

The group then took a short trip on the Ottawa River aboard the boat of Moe Taillefer, owner of the dealership, to learn a little more about this superb duo. Finally, to end this day (and this incredible journey) in style, the whole team got to enjoy the splendid fireworks on Canada Day. Pretty nice, eh?

That puts an end to the #Postechroadtrip’s adventures across Canada and all over the Vistech-Postech Nation!

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