Postech encourage Perseverance and success in school

On May 8 2019, a ceremony was held by the Fondation de la Commission scolaire de la Region-de-Sherbrooke to unveil the results of its major donation campaign. This fundraising campaign aims to finance, for 5 years, the most successful and proven projects undertaken by students in the Sherbrooke area, according to 5 development axes:

– Entrepreneurship

– School, family and community

– Culture, sports and leisure

– Perseverance and success in school

– Vocational training: an economic lever


Jean Routhier, President and CEO at Postech Screw Piles, wanted to support the development axis of perseverance and academic success, since the cause of young people in the region is close to his heart. This means that, by 2022, Pieux Vistech / Postech Screw Piles will have given a total of $ 25,000 in scholarships to the Fondation de la Commission scolaire de la Region-de-Sherbrooke, at a rate of $ 5,000 per year. With this contribution, the Foundation will be able to fund initiatives focused on academic and economic success within the Sherbrooke region.

The Foundation also supports teachers so that they can offer stimulating projects to their students and encourages students to excel by participating in projects that are rewarding and relevant to their interests. Some events, such as the Gala de Bravos and the Amicale Robotics, are organized by the Foundation to highlight students’ efforts and success, and to engage them in collaborative challenges.

The Postech Screw Piles team are proud to display its certificate of recognition for its participation in this major donation campaign 2017-2022 of the Foundation de Commission scolaire de la Region-de-Sherbrooke!


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