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Addition : dream project to reality

Making an addition, or add an extension to your property requires a lot of work and organization. This applies to all types of buildings, small or large, main or secondary, such as our client’s cottage. Whether it’s to expand your living space or to update your property, considering an addition is a worthwhile investment.

Renovated cottage front deck and screened room on Postech-Piles.

How many piles for this addition and in how long? 

At the beginning of this addition project, which lasted several years. The client wanted to increase the interior living space and install a deck near the water.

To do this, he had 10 piles installed for the cottage addition and 4 piles for the deck. These 14 piles were installed in one day, by a single member of the Postech Peterborough team, with a mini-excavator.

Engineering plan of the cottage project

The challenges of the project

The presence of rocks requires a lot of skill to successfully place the piles. This sometimes requires an excavation step to remove the rocks.

Despite the presence of some rocks, this was not a big challenge for our expert team at Postech Peterborough.

The Vistech / Postech advantages 

The benefits of using screw piles for the various developments on the property were clear from the start.

Therefore, since the cottage was located 50 feet from the edge of a lake. The client needed a foundation that could be installed without damaging the land or the shoreline. 

In addition, thanks to the multitude of residential projects that can be built on piles. The number of accessories available to our customers, the foundations of this project could be done entirely on screw piles!

After seeing the effectiveness of the piles, the speed of installation and the professionalism of our expert installer. The client continued to trust Postech Peterborough for the rest of the installations on his property.

If you also want to expand your cottage, quickly and efficiently, find your local installer, and start building your project on solid!